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Your Farmers agent knows that vacant and unoccupied homes require specialized coverage -- that's what makes Farmers the smart choice. Unoccupied property insurance is typically more expensive than traditional homeowners insurance policies due to the increased risk of the property being. Protect your investment. Be aware that if your home is vacant for a month or more, your homeowners insurance may not cover losses that occur while it's vacant.

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General liability insurance covers you and your business from lawsuits that result if someone is injured on your property, even if it's vacant. Unoccupied home insurance covers your home if it's left empty for longer than your standard policy allows. Standard home insurance policies typically cover an. VACANT HOME INSURANCE. Not everyone loves insuring vacant homes, but Foremost does! When you make the Foremost Choice you'll see that we understand.

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Unfortunately for the Guddysons, most Homeowner policies will not cover freeze-related losses that occur during an extended period in which the home is either. Compare Vacant Home Insurance Quotes and Save up to 50%. Find The Best Insurance Coverage For Your Unoccupied House in No Time. Quote & Buy Online. Certain property-related risks increase when a house or other building sits vacant. Unfortunately, standard homeowners insurance and many business property.