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There is no application or form available to file for “dual citizenship” in the United States. Obtaining dual citizenship simply means applying for a second. A step-by-step guide for moving to Canada and becoming a citizen there · Preface: Make sure you're not already a Canadian citizen. · Be at least 18 years old. What does it mean to have a dual citizenship and what are the benefits? For example, permanent residents of Canada must reside in Canada for four out of.

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You don't need to become a Canadian citizen, you should apply for your proof of Canadian Citizenship. In most cases, it would make the person a dual citizen of. Immigrants who decided to take the citizenship oath in Canada need to be aware that, while many countries allow dual citizenship, there are many who do not. The. This page provides information on how to avoid dual U.S. and Canadian Social Security taxes, as well as how to apply for benefits under the U.S. social.

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Just keep in mind that there is no such thing as "obtaining a dual citizenship in Canada and the US". There are two separate processes for obtaining citizenship. If you have two foreign-born U.S. citizen parents, you must present evidence that at least one of them resided in the United States prior to your birth. (Note. Any applicant who belongs to one of the categories mentioned in Section 1 of the application (A to G) can apply for dual citizenship.