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MEDIATION ALTERNATIVES TO JUDICIAL ACTION (c) “County court mediation,” which means mediation of civil cases within the jurisdiction of county courts. From what to expect in a competitive negotiation and drafting a mediation Ironically, most lawyers go through law school and their legal practice with. Why mediate? · Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process. · Mediators do not give legal advice and will not judge you on your case. · Mediation could SAVE you.

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Legal Authority: Section (a)(4) of the Connecticut General Statutes. Judicial-ADR (J-ADR) - Formerly Court-Annexed Mediation. First, the Clinic seeks to train law students, by assuming the role of mediator, to be effective, highly professional lawyers and mediators. In particular, the. Information about the Mediation process, ADR Roster, petitions, rules and policies, and frequently asked questions from the Minnesota Judicial Branch.

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Mediation is a central aspect of lawyers' work in many contexts, including litigation, transactional, private and public sector. In Virginia the mediation process is voluntary and confidential. Contact Information. Director - Paul F. DeLosh. Phone - () ; Dispute Resolution. Mediation is a settlement process that can help you resolve “contested” issues the Friend of the Court may provide mediation in family law cases.