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of people living with MS have someone (unpaid or informal) who is their main source of support*. 3 %. of carers provide daily emotional support. MS can add stress to a relationship. The unpredictability and progressive nature of the disease, the changes and sacrifices that might be required and the. Although MS can conjure up supportive and nurturing qualities in partners, caregiving should never evolve into pity. Also, partners should not sacrifice their.

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For some, the challenge is in how to talk with others about MS, particularly when the other person may not really understand what it is like to live with MS. If you're helping to care for someone with MS, you have a very important job. Besides helping in everyday ways, you can offer emotional support. helpful resources for supporting a loved one living with relapsing multiple sclerosis. Advice for people who care for someone with Relapsing MS.


“MS can affect almost anyone, and its symptoms can range from minimal to severe. Some people have such mild cases, the symptoms may come and go; meanwhile. Older adults with multiple sclerosis (MS) are living with an illness that comes with a lot of uncertainty and change. That can make life more challenging. WHAT DOES OUR CARE FOR MS PATIENTS AT HOME INCLUDE? · Specialist nurse-led care · Managing and administering medications · Ensuring safe mobility in and around the.