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List of TLDs ; · gTLD ; · gTLD ; · gTLD ; ccTLD, British Indian Ocean Territory. Looking for the full list of Domain Extensions? Discover hundreds of new TLDs today. Search country code TLDs, generic TLDs, and all domain extensions. Generic top-level domains ; ·.academy ; B ·.band ·.bargains ; C ·.cab ·.cafe ; D ·.dance ·.dating ; E ·.education ·.email.

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You can purchase domains with the following extensions from Wix: ·.agency ·.art ·.at ( ·.be ·.biz ·.blog ·.ca ·.center. Domain Name What Do the Various Domain Extensions Mean? ·.aero (the air-transport industry), ·.asia (Asian Pacific Region) ·.biz (businesses but all uses). We will also take a look at the domain extensions list and see how many there online by giving them new domain extensions and custom domain extensions.

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The most common TLDs are old classics,.net,.org, and more. However, as of , new TLDs have become available. New TLDs are very unique to standard. List of Top-Level Domains. A list of all valid top-level domains is maintained by the IANA and is updated from time to time. To view the list, click here. nTLDs have completely changed the domain name space. Those who are early adopters of nTLDs are more likely to get a short, memorable domain that is relevant to.