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Placental cases and perinatal autopsies for fetuses less than gm are evaluated by fellowship-trained perinatal pathologists with extensive experience. Pathology of the Placenta systematically describes placental pathology, and represents a valuable resource for practising and trainee pathologists. Placenta pathology associated with maturation abnormalities and late intra uterine foetal death. Peter G.J. Nikkels, Dept. of Pathology UMC Utrecht.

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The clinical utility of placental pathology cannot be over-emphasized and has the potential to lead to findings that may affect the immediate care of the. Sections of placental disc demonstrate the characteristic features of amnion nodosum: collections of fetal squamous cells, keratin, sebum, hair, and. The placenta pathology service at Mayo Clinic Laboratories brings together diverse expertise to solve both routine and complex patient care questions.

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The book, Placental Pathology, is divided into fourteen chapters and an appendix. It includes the structure and function of the normal placenta and then. General:4 main categories anatomy & histology-placenta & umbilical cord books grossing grossing-products of conception placental development & hormones. Cambridge Core - Pathology and Laboratory Science - Placental and Gestational Pathology.