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USB temperature data loggers with are popular for record temperature of medical fridge, cooler box, etc. As an temperature data loggers manufacturer. This compact datalogger records up to 32, temperature and relative humidity readings. Simply plug the R directly into a computer to setup parameters. General Tools and Instruments HT08 Mini USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger are ideal for water damage restoration, process control and environmental.

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FlashLink® USB Reusable Data Logger, Internal Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Model · Dual channel, internal sensor for ambient air temperature and humidity. The EL USB Temperature Logger enables users to track up to 16, different measurements at once. The logger can store temperature readings between and + Reliable, Low-Cost, Single-Use USB Temperature Logger for Easy Monitoring of Logistics Cold Chain · Applications for Single-use USB Temperature Data Loggers.

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· USB Temperature and Humidity Logger ; · USB Temperature Only Data Logger. These advanced sensors take automatic measurements and log this data for you to download via USB anytime. Product options are available to log temperature. Order Your LASREC EL-USB-1 USB Data Logger Now from TIPTEMP, your Trusted Thermal Advisors. USB Temperature Data Logger requires no cable it plugs.